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From weak in verbal to a wonderful V163 and a 333 on the GRE – Rupesh GRE 333

At the time of beginning of his preparation, Rupesh found out quickly that he was really weak in the verbal section. In fact, during the course of his preparation, he sometimes totally gave up verbal in the first place.

Yet, he managed to score a marvelous 333 on his GRE with a 163 in verbal which is a really hard verbal score to manage. How did that happen? He shared with us!

For verbal, he says: 1. He spent a lot time to imbibe and analyse all the techniques way in depth like OCTAVE in RC.

2. To get better in vocab, he started reading a lot and saw the KTW videos.

For Quant, he focused on the prescribed material which helped him sail through with a perfect Q170.

In totality, he focused on learning about the concepts, the techniques & their applicability more over the concepts over just practicing and doing the mocks.

He actually gave a special mention to KTW videos that helped him overall during the course of his preparation and in general by shift in perspective he’s had and the amount of knowledge he has gained.

The one advice he as a GRE topper gives to the other GRE aspirants is to always believe in the process, the technique and yourself.

Best of luck!


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