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Maurya's Journey to a GMAT 770!: Maurya Bhatt GMAT 770

Maurya Bhatt shares his journey in achieving a GMAT score of 770. He started with the self-paced course in December but only began studying vigorously in February. He took a month to finish the provided sessions and credits the approach and concepts as what benefited him the most. The structured approach of studying and practicing were also helpful. He faced challenges with CR and SC but once he got the concepts, he was able to pinpoint what he was looking for and ingrained it in his process. Overall, the Top One Percent course not only helped him in his GMAT journey but also changed his perspective and goals in life.

Maurya Bhatt discusses his preparation strategies for the GMAT exam. Hee emphasizes the importance of going through all the concepts and completing all pre- and post-work. Despite struggling with verbal, he was able to maintain himself and focus on every single question during the exam. Maurya tried to solve harder questions initially and later realized the importance of focusing on topic-wise questions and LSAT papers. He also changed his approach towards mock exams and tried to religiously focus on the paper itself. During the exam, Maurya's composure and ability to focus on one question at a time helped him ace the GMAT.

Maurya Bhatt shares his tips for success on the GMAT and what not to do when studying. He advises listeners to trust the process and follow their mentors' advice. Maurya also stresses the importance of maintaining focus during the exam and taking the time to compose oneself if feeling overwhelmed. He suggests meditation or taking a deep breath to calm down and refocus. Maurya encourages students not to give up on difficult questions but to embrace them. Lastly, Maurya discusses how participating in the World Series program helped him to find concrete reasons for pursuing higher education and figure out what field he wants to study.

Maurya also discusses how his experience with the "Know the World" series helped him prepare for the GMAT and make decisions in his life. The series gave him a new perception of the world and showed him that he could learn from history. He learned how things are connected, which gave him the ability to make quicker decisions. While he understood that he had to stay accountable and do tough things, the series helped him take the step ahead by going for it. As a result, he was successful in achieving a GMAT score of 770.


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