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99%ile GMAT Score in both attempts! | Mohit Chandel GMAT 760 & 780

Mohit Chandel shares his journey towards obtaining an impressive GMAT score of 760 and then improving it to a remarkable 780. He explains that he attended most of the classes for the October batch, went through the study material and started studying seriously from 15th January, getting up at 4 am every day to prepare. He started afresh, went through the entire study plan, and took two section tests every day, aiming to finish two to three full tests on weekends. He identified his weak areas, focused on them with the 700 to 800 question sets, and went from a verbal score of 42 to 47. Overall, his hard work, pattern recognition technique, and meticulous preparation paid off with his impressive score.

Mohit discusses his experience taking the GMAT twice. The first time, he was unwell but still managed to score a 760. Despite this success, Mohit decided to take the exam again and scored even higher with a 780. He credits his success to the material provided by his GMAT preparation course, especially the large number of practice questions available. Mohit did not use any specific strategies or tricks, but rather relied on hard work and practice to achieve his high scores. He also found the grammar sessions particularly helpful in improving his overall score. Overall, Mohit's experience demonstrates the importance of dedicated practice and thorough preparation for success on the GMAT.

Mohit explains how he improved his efficiency in solving prime numbers in GMAT by using a grid to keep track of his rejected points. He also elaborates on his approach to studying the concepts, where he went through all of them instead of relying solely on practice. Mohit shares his experience of test anxiety during his first attempt, which subsided in his second attempt, where he scored a 780. He also talks about the similarities between his top GMAT and Manhattan Prep mock scores and how the former were tougher. Mohit emphasizes the importance of practicing with tough questions to improve speed and concentration levels.

Mohit discusses how he prepared for the GMAT exam by sticking to a strict study plan. He attributes his success to the structured framework provided by the coaching program he used, which allowed him to gradually increase the difficulty level of the questions and focus on both the quantitative and verbal sections of the exam.

He advises test-takers to avoid relying on their previous knowledge and to stick to their chosen plan, rather than attempting to cover every part of the syllabus. He also emphasizes that the training plan is more important than the exam itself, and recommends focusing on consistency and revision of concepts rather than trying to complete every available resource.

Mohit, who scored in the 99th percentile on both of his GMAT attempts with scores of 760 and 780, explains his study routine while working full time. Chandel studied for a week, eight hours a day. He plans to pursue an MBA to increase his career growth trajectory and is targeting schools such as Kellogg, Stanford, MIT, and UCB.

Top One Percent wishes him all the best for his B-school journey!


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