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After this, no one can have any excuses to not try harder! Arun Mehta GMAT 760

Generally most things don't shock me

But this one is different. A student of our self-paced GMAT course, Arun Mehta, from a small town in Haryana (Sirsa), having done his entire education in Hindi medium (you will notice how he speaks English with Haryanvi accent in his video, not to mention at least 3 mistakes in each sentence), scored a 760 in his first attempt. His initial score was 530.

If you were to run into this guy outside of the GMAT context, you would never, ever not even in a million years associate the GMAT with this guy. In fact, after watching the video shared below, one student spoke to me over the call and said this in Shuddh Hindi. "अगर इस का 760 आ सकता है तो मेरा तो आ ही सकता है। लानत है अगर मेरा 760 नहीं आया। इसका 760 तो मेरा तो 800 आना चाहिए। संदीप, आपने कैसे इसको 760 दिलाया? लगता है बीस माले की बिल्डिंग से कूद जाऊं! दुनिया किधर जा रही है? इसके बाद अगर मेरा 760 नहीं आया तो शायद मैं शर्म से चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब के मर जाऊं!"

Sometimes I don't know how else to motivate you. If this story doesn't motivate you to get a 760+, nothing else can / will.

This kind of success CAN happen. All you need is this level of ambition, grit, and effort and the process followed at Top-One-Percent. My salute. Kudos to you, Arun!

~ Sandeep Gupta


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