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Yet another GMAT 770 in just 2 months!: Ananya GMAT 770

Ananya Gupta shares her experience of achieving a GMAT score of 770 by focusing on her weak areas, revising concepts regularly, and implementing specific techniques. She began by taking a mock exam and found that while her math skills were strong due to her engineering background, she struggled with the verbal section, particularly the Sentence Correction questions.

Ananya used the materials provided by the Top One Percent to improve her verbal skills, especially the sentence correction techniques, which she found to be amazing. She also found the OCTAVE method for primary purpose questions in reading comprehension to be extremely helpful. Ananya states that she did not have any significant weaknesses in math but revised the formulas and focused on weaker areas in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. She did experience anxiety during the test, but the techniques she learned helped her navigate through it.

Ananya shares her experience of taking the GMAT exam. She mentions that taking a break in between the Quant and Verbal section really helped her, as she could take a few deep breaths, walk around and come back fresh. While answering questions, she felt that the Reading Comprehension was a little tougher, and she had to read some paragraphs twice to understand them.

Sentence correction was also slightly on the tougher side. For candidates who have a shorter duration of time for preparation, Ananya suggests identifying their weak areas and practicing those specific areas for a week or two, instead of changing their focus too quickly. She emphasizes revising the concepts at regular intervals and recommends using short and quick notes to recollect forgotten concepts.

Top One Percent wishes her all the best for her deferred MBA applications!


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