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What makes one feel ready for the GMAT? Nishank Nihar GMAT 760

Many of us think the more you study the better it is for GMAT. But for a strategic exam like the GMAT, the more you drag the worse your scores get!

The GMAT has no capacity to test a candidate's logic beyond 10th standard level of math and verbal, then what makes the exam so challenging is the way in which the questions are framed.

Listen to our latest star Nishant Nihar GMAT 760 (Q50 V42) - He talks about his strategy, preparation, Indicators of when you are ready for GMAT and most importantly why Nishank didn't rely on other test prep material and agencies!

Nishank is so thankful that he only followed the study plan we shared with him. This played an important role in helping him give the required importance to the different sections. Our study plan is made with a lot of thought and deliberation and is perfected over almost 2 plus decades!

He explains how he handled the most dreaded sections on the exam - SC section and the RC passages. Nishank also stresses that he made sure to manage at least 3 hours of prep with the help of our self paced module every single day for maximum efficiency.


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