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Understanding your GMAT Score Report

The GMAT exam is a computer-based evaluation that assesses your verbal, mathematical, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing skills—skills applicants have developed and improved via school and work. Admissions Committee use GMAT exam scores as part of your admissions selections to correctly forecast who will thrive in your program and who may struggle academically.

You may be wondering when you will receive your official GMAT score report. How soon will the selected schools receive a copy of your score report? This article will address the most frequently requested GMAT score report questions.

Types of GMAT Score Reports

Before going through the structure of GMAT score reports, let’s start from the basics. There are 3 Types of GMAT score reports:

1. Unofficial GMAT Score report

2. Official GMAT Score Report

3. The GMAT Enhanced Score Report

Unofficial GMAT Score Report

Your unofficial GMAT score report will include your unofficial total score and your

unofficial verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning score. You won’t receive a preliminary AWA score because your essay must be read to receive a score. A preview of your percentile ranking will also be provided. Understanding how you perform with other GMAT candidates depends heavily on your percentile ranking.

A sample of GMAT Unofficial Score Report.

Official GMAT Score Report

The official GMAT score reports include the following sections:

1. Test Taker information This area includes your contact information, such as email and phone number, as

well as unique information, such as your GMAT ID and appointment number. Your

GMAT ID and appointment number will come in handy if there are any issues with

your test or the test center. You can use this information to assist in identifying your

exam session and resolve any concerns when speaking with GMAC.

2. Optional test taker information Self-reported information such as undergraduate GPA, undergraduate major,

expected graduate study, and so on are included in this section. You have the option

of reporting or declining to disclose this information. Because this information is self-

reported, the test-taker is responsible for addressing any inaccuracies.

3. Test information

This section includes your GMAT sectional and percentile results, as well as your

overall score.

A sample of GMAT Official Score Report

GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR)

The following comprehensive list of post-exam diagnostic data is provided to you by an ESR:

  1. GMAT score overall and percentile

  2. Sectional results and time administration

  3. Scores for each subsection and time management

  4. Level of accuracy during the test

  5. The typical difficulty of the questions you correctly and incorrectly answered

  6. Average response time for both questions with correct answers and those with incorrect answers

Using this information, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses, which will also give you more understanding of the abilities tested in each section.

A sample of GMAT Enhanced Score Report

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to generate the official score report?

Your official score report will be accessible within 20 days after your test appointment date, according to GMAC. Suppose you have elected to accept your GMAT score. In that case, you will be sent an unofficial score report immediately following your test appointment, including your total and sectional scores for all sections except the AWA. Only your official score report contains your AWA score.

How is the official score report distributed by GMAC?

You will receive an email notification when your official score report is ready. The email will

include information for accessing your official score report online.

How long does it take for schools to receive your GMAT scores?

Schools receive your official score report within 20 calendar days of your exam (the same

time you do). Additional score reports will be delivered within five business days of placing your order. You can send your supplementary score reports online, via fax, phone, or mail. You will be charged an extra cost if you want to send your GMAT score report by mail. If you opt to deliver your score reports through email, phone, or fax, the school will receive them within five business days of your order. Depending on shipping speeds, it will most likely take longer if you deliver the reports via mail.


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