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Tips to score a GMAT 770!: Jignesh GMAT 770

Jignesh Choudhary, who scored a GMAT 770, shares his experience and tips for success. He struggled while achieving his goal due to personal and health reasons. However, after taking Sandeep Sir’s GMAT course that emphasized on success mindset and motivation, he was able to get the score he wanted.

Jignesh, particularly struggled with the exam, experiencing personal and health-related issues, leading to rejected college applications. After discovering Sandeep Sir’s GMAT course, he was inspired by his approach to mastering the GMAT, particularly the emphasis on mindset and motivation. Jignesh credits Sandeep Sir's Know The World Program with his success and offers advice to others aiming to reach top percentile scores on the GMAT.

Jignesh discusses the importance of being fully committed to achieving one's goals and maintaining focus despite distractions. When asked about specific areas of challenge in the GMAT exam, the speaker highlights Sentence Correction (SC) as his greatest challenge area and also mentions that he reviewed Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension materials multiple times to improve his understanding. He also mentions the importance of staying in the flow during the critical reasoning (CR) and reading comprehension (RC) sections of the GMAT.

Silly mistakes in data sufficiency can be avoided with a lot of practice, even on difficult questions which take a lot of time. Jignesh also shares his anxiety struggles and how they impacted his performance, emphasizing the importance of managing anxiety during the exam.

Jignesh Choudhary mentions that after the first question, he saw he had 54 minutes left for the whole test, which made him feel relieved. He found the questions in the Quant section familiar and completed the section with ease, even though he could have scored higher if he had saved a few minutes on the first question. The Verbal section was similar to the study material he had practiced, and he did not find anything unusual except for one Reading Comprehension passage. Jignesh believes that his biggest achievement for him was the belief that he could achieve something in life, which snapped in his head after going through the trials and tribulations of the GMAT journey. He advises people who have just started the GMAT journey to not worry and focus on their preparation and mindset, and to give their best shot. He highlights that watching KTW 100 is of absolute importance as motivation is key, and that the material in the course is exhaustive and should be practiced like crazy, with the consistent review.

Jignesh’s GMAT Tips - Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Students must be fully committed and maintain focus, even when distractions arise.

  • Practice Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension questions up until 48 hours before the exam to stay in the flow.

  • Complacency is your enemy

  • Always aim higher.

  • Be cognitive of the prep, connect with others, and practice meditation to manage anxiety.

  • Separating oneself from those who prioritize leisure activities over work is key to maintaining motivation.

  • Be unreasonable and stubborn in pursuit of one's goals.

  • He stresses the importance of embedding OCTAVE, a technique used to identify the main idea of RC passages, unconsciously as it becomes more natural.


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