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Strategy to Score a GMAT V40+!: Sarthak Mohapatra GMAT 740

Sarthak Mohapatra shares his experience of scoring a 740 on the GMAT exam, despite wishing for a higher score in quant. He mentions that he came across the Top One Percent LinkedIn post and decided to sign up for the self-paced course.

Sarthak followed the exact pattern for verbal in the study plan, starting with RC and CR, followed by sentence correction. He struggled with CR initially, but with the help of the booklet with topic-wise questions and detailed solutions, he was able to build the right mindset for approaching every answer. He also practiced RC every day for four passages and achieved a high level of mastery, leading to a high accuracy rate of 95%.

Sarthak talks about his GMAT preparation strategy and his weak areas. He struggled with probability and compound interest at the beginning but found the provided material sufficient to improve his understanding. Although he may have been nervous during the quant section, he was able to streamline his thought process by the verbal section. He studied for three months, with one and a half months dedicated to practice. He advises sticking with the plan and understanding where you're going wrong.

Sarthak went on to receive a verbal score of 42, which is considered a phenomenal score! Top One Percent salutes Sarthak for a commendable score on the GMAT & wishes him all the best for his applications!


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