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Sriram's Strategy to Score a GMAT 760!: G. Sriram GMAT 760

Sriram talks about his preparation strategy for the GMAT and how he achieved a score of 760. He spent three and a half months preparing for the exam and joined the January batch. Sriram had previous experience with competitive exams such as CAT and GRE, but had to regain his focus on getting the answer in two minutes. He struggled with the verbal section even though he had a higher verbal score on his GRE than his quant score.

He found the concept documents to be really important in changing his perspective on how to approach the entire subject. Overall, Sriram did not have any particular struggles with quant but found verbal to be challenging.

Sriram discusses his struggles with the Quant and Verbal sections of the GMAT. He found that he rushed through questions during the Quant section which led to many silly mistakes, but he was able to overcome this by sitting down and patiently reading questions word by word.

In the Verbal section, he struggled most with Sentence Correction (SC) and found that he had to read questions very carefully to get them right. He also mentions a video he watched about unconscious excellence and aimed to answer questions as naturally as possible. He recommends going through the official solutions PDFs to understand each question. Sriram did section-wise practice tests, especially for SC.

Sriram also discusses his study schedule for the GMAT, with a focus on finding and fixing unique issues that impact their test-taking abilities. He also gives an example of how his reading habits were affecting his performance in RC, which he was able to improve.

He gives the following advice to GMAT aspirants:

  • Take the pre-work before classes seriously and enjoy the process!

  • Sriram was comfortable with Quant in general, but Sandeep Gupta's tricks and techniques gave him a fresh perspective and helped him crack Quant questions in under 2 minutes!

  • He struggled with SC, but he developed unconscious competence in SC and got a 100% accuracy on the GMAT!

  • For RC, Sriram relied on OCTAVE to improve his pacing as well as accuracy!

  • He gave 4-5 Full Length mocks and T.O.P.'s Sectional Tests to analyze his performance!

  • He strongly advises GMAT aspirants to be consistent and always analyze their errors by maintaining an error log!

Top One Percent is supremely proud of his achievements!


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