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Sania's Strategy to Score a GMAT 750!: Sania Sawant GMAT 750

Sania Sawant talks about her challenges while preparing for GMAT, specifically in verbal skills such as RC and SC. She shares how she focused on techniques like the octave technique and LSAT papers to improve her RC, and how getting hands-on support from the team helped her with SC. She also mentions the support she received from Aman and the team in terms of preparation strategies and doubts.

Sania has an engineering background from IIT Bombay, with an MBA from IIM and currently working as a consultant in Deloitte. She mentions how she studied three hours every day for three months and used 700 to 800 PDFs and class session videos to improve her basic knowledge of DS, shortcuts in GMAT, and different types of CR questions.

Sania Sawant discusses her preparation strategy for the GMAT test. For Quant, she completed the class session guide and moved on to the 700 to 800 PDF, followed by advanced questions from OG.

For RC, she started with the class session guide, then moved on to OG material and LSAT papers to extend her stamina. Similarly, for CR, she started with class sessions guide, then practiced topic-wise practice PDF and 700 to 800 questions.

For SC, she started with the class sessions guide and moved on to OG content from the basics to advanced content. Sania recommends being consistent with daily practice and staying in touch with all subjects during preparation. She advises on practicing a mix of questions on a daily basis as the exam approaches to improve accuracy. On the test day, Sania battled with anxiety, which she tried to control, but she suggests staying calm during the exam to make the best of your preparation.

Sania Sawant shares her tips for studying for the GMAT, such as taking lots of mock exams. She explains that taking mocks helps to calm nerves by becoming a familiar exercise, and other than revision and mock exams, she didn't do anything else differently. Sania Sawant also discusses her exam experience, which included technical difficulties on her first scheduled exam slot, causing anxiety, and how she managed her nerves to manage her time effectively during the GMAT.

Sania's advice for GMAT Aspirants:

1. Always be consistent throughout your prep!

2. Balance all areas- RC, SC, CR & Quant by revising & practicing!

3. Create a test-day environment by giving mocks!

4. Calm your nerves on the test-day to deal with anxiety!

Top One Percent is supremely proud of Sania for her phenomenal achievement & wishes her all the best for her applications!


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