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Nation-wide Sensational Story of Amit Kumar GMAT 770

The village of Ratanpur doesn't even have a photocopy shop, forget a computer shop. The village is in the troubled Naxalite belt. No policemen/postman can go there. Forget Amazon delivery.

On 30th Dec 2021 Amit Kumar, a simple village boy--complete Hindi medium background, scored a GMAT 770/800 with Q50 V45! Even the most well spoken students struggle to go beyond a V42, V44 looks out of reach, whereas he got a V45 99% in VERBAL. For an Indian test taker this is massive!

His complete Hindi medium schooling background proves the fact that you don't have to have excellent command of the ENGLISH language, you just need to logically look at verbal questions without using your intuition.

Amit didn't come with baggage or "I know it all attitude". He was open to following the structure and strategy suggested to him. He was extremely disciplined with the practice and religiously followed the study plan which eventually lead to a phenomenal score.

A razor sharp focus with the right methods can get you a score like this!

Your natural logic is the biggest ENEMY on this examination!

Pledge to make 2022 best year of your life!


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