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"I'm as average as anyone can be!" Nupur Jain GMAT 750

RV College student, 5 years of work experience, never won any medals, average profile... goes on to score a fabulous 750.

Nupur, just like any other GMAT aspirant tried everything possible. GMAT club, Official guides, Manhattan books Target Test prep but nothing worked out! Before joining Top-One-Percent Nupur spent upwards of 1.43 Lacs for her slightly long drawn GMAT journey- 2.5 years!

She stresses the most common mistake a student does when they join- coming in with the huge baggage of knowing everything. Nupur advices and urges candidates to let go of their ego/overconfidence, "Chalta hai" attitude and start from absolute scratch without using INTUITION. The techniques worked like magic when it was learnt the way it was supposed to.

She also says that something which could have easily achieved in about 3 months with the right techniques and discipline was unnecessarily dragged for too long, costing her 2 precious years.

Many students just refuse to believe that this beast of an examination can be done and dusted within 3 months of disciplined prep.

Listen to her success mantra. We are sure every GMAT aspirant can resonate with every single word she says!


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