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How learning from the right content impacts your GMAT score! | Pratham Gaur GMAT 760

Pratham Gaur scored a massive 760 on his GMAT. He shares his experience preparing for the GMAT and emphasizes the importance of learning from the right content. He found the Top One Percent course to be particularly helpful and appreciated the practice material, which he found to be the best resource available.

Pratham had started preparing for the GMAT in January 2022 but struggled with verbal, especially RC and SC. After enrolling in the course, he was surprised at how well everything fit into place and began to improve RC while taking notes on the SC course content from the beginning.

The highlight of the course for him was the practice material, which he found to be the best across the internet. He appreciated the whole organization and believed the whole course, practice material, and team were great.

Pratham Gaur gives advice on what not to do during the GMAT exam. He also discusses his own experience with sentence correction, admitting that he had initially overestimated his ability due to his proficiency in British English. It was only after he accepted that he needed to review the basics and took detailed notes that he saw significant improvement. Finally, he reveals that there was nothing unusual on test day.

Pratham while speaking about his online GMAT experience, recommends taking the offline exam due to potential technical difficulties.

Pratham’s GMAT Tips - Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do not spend too much time on one question and emphasize the value of reviewing the basics.

  • He recommends taking the offline exam to avoid technical difficulties

  • Watch THE KTW videos early on during your preparation

  • He attributes his success on the GMAT to his prior experience with math and his ability to understand and apply concepts on the exam.

  • Maintain an Excel sheet to track progress

  • Do not give too many mocks

Listen in to his prep journey!


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