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From 690 to 770 in 25 Days & a Wharton Admit with scholarship!: Vandita GMAT 770

The most important aspect of the GMAT exam is Reading Comprehension. How so?

It alone holds the power to make or break your final score. The impact?

It made Vandita Kamath who scored a max of 690 consecutively in 3 attempts go for a whopping 770 on her GMAT in 25 DAYS of preparation FLAT. The outcome?

The score led her to the World Number 1 business school Wharton with a 50% scholarship.

That’s the power of RC.

Before joining TOP, even though she was really bright, she was unable to break the 690 barrier in all her attempts. She had exhausted all the available resources but none seemed helpful.

After joining TOP and talking with Sandeep Sir she discovered that her preparation was all over the place and needed to tackle each subject at a time.

She started with RC as it was her weakest point. Right off the bat, studying OCTAVE gave her a new perspective altogether. The next entire week she spent on CR and combined her learning from RC alongside. She was able to figure out the synergy between the two which helped her a ton post which came SC.

In just three weeks, she had new perspective of the exam as to what it actually demanded of her. She had formed mental maps of the category of questions that can be asked in the exam and how to go about each section.

In the last 3-4 days of revising Quant she was in a state where she was able to identify what kind of a question was appearing and what she had to do about it which led her to finally scoring a fantastic 770.

Later, she received an admit from both Wharton and Berkeley.

Just goes to show, with the right preparation and plan, a 99th percentile score is well within reach and with the score, the best B-Schools on the planet.

You just have to start and keep at it. The rest will follow!

Best of luck!


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