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Final year student hits 780 in 1st attempt!: Harshit Jain

Harshit was still fumbling for words when the scorecard flashed on the screen after 3hrs of his GMAT. “A jaw-dropping 780”

He is neither from a mathematics background nor is an engineer or indeed even a graduate.

Scoring a 780 on 800 is no small feat with the placement process underway at SRCC university, where he is a final year student, dedicating time for his GMAT prep was getting increasingly difficult. Harshit commenced his prep this January with Top-One-percent. A solid 6-week preparation with a single-minded focus and following the study plan to the T enabled Harshit in fetching a handsome result on his first time, standing in the top one percent scorer bracket in the world.

Percentile ranking compares how you have fared in comparison to other test-takers. Only one in a hundred candidates score the 99th percentile on GMAT. A percentile ranking of 99% makes your score very competitive as only 1% of candidates have a score more than yours.

The GMAT score is significant for students aspiring to pursue MBA from top B-Schools. Globally 9 out of 10 MBA enrolments are done based on GMAT scores.

“ I am still soaking in the reality that I Am one among the 99th percentile scorers in the world. The course was very comprehensive and I diligently followed it, there was nothing surprising or unusual on the exam as Top-One-Percent thoroughly made me ready for it”-- Harshit says.

Harshit Jain will now be applying to the deferred MBA program from the prestigious M7 universities in the US. We wish Harshit a wonderful journey ahead!


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