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Decoding the GMAT Focus Edition!

Yes, you heard it right- The GMAT is changing! Take a look at the key changes which will come into effect with the GMAT Focus Edition:

GMAT Focus Edition: Key Differences and Features

  • The test has been reduced by 1 hour changing the total time to 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes).

  • The test is reduced to 3 sections and has eliminated the AWA section. The only three sections are Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insight.

  • All three sections will have a time limit of 45 minutes each.

  • Quantitative Reasoning will no longer have Data Sufficiency Questions!

  • Verbal Reasoning will no longer have Sentence Correction!

  • The Data Insight section will have Data Sufficiency Questions.

  • The test taker can attempt the test in any order of their preference.

  • Review & Edit your Answers: The test taker can bookmark questions and change up to three answers per section.

  • The new GMAT format will be rolled out for test takers later this year, likely in Autumn. The current format will be accessible till June 2024.

Head on to for more info!

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