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Decoding the GMAT Focus Edition!

Yes, you heard it right- The GMAT is changing! Take a look at the key changes which will come into effect with the GMAT Focus Edition:

GMAT Focus Edition: Key Differences and Features

  • The test has been reduced by 1 hour changing the total time to 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes).

  • The test is reduced to 3 sections and has eliminated the AWA section. The only three sections are Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insight.

  • All three sections will have a time limit of 45 minutes each.

  • Quantitative Reasoning will no longer have Data Sufficiency Questions!

  • Verbal Reasoning will no longer have Sentence Correction!

  • The Data Insight section will have Data Sufficiency Questions.

  • The test taker can attempt the test in any order of their preference.

  • Review & Edit your Answers: The test taker can bookmark questions and change up to three answers per section.

  • The new GMAT format will be rolled out for test takers later this year, likely in Autumn. The current format will be accessible till June 2024.


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