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Acing the GMAT Verbal Score!: Prasann, Rishav, Shaista & Many more!

GMAT verbal is the most dreaded session even for native speakers. The time crunch, long exhausting passages and use of intuition leads to a challenging time. Most of the time the candidates guess the answer. For an exam like the GMAT, you are supposed to "know" the answer and not merely guess.

The reason why candidates find Quant session easier is because you have a sure cut process that you can follow. Which almost accurately gives you an answer. However for the verbal section, traditionally there are no techniques.

The reason Prasann, Rishav, Shaista and many many other students were able to easily get a stunning verbal score is because of the verbal techniques that were introduced and taught to them. OCTAVE for RC, PRIME for SC and ANT for CR are all gamechangers! These are copyrighted techniques to help you precisely eliminate the wrong choices and pick out the right answer with utmost accuracy.

Listen to each of them explaining their journey and what worked for them. Don't lose rhythm, stay consistent while studying and you can nail it!

Prasann: Christ College BBA Background (non engineering), and still managed a 760 with a whopping Verbal score of 45!

Rishav: Commerce background, was weak in verbal especially SC. He started with 40% accuracy but secured a Verbal score of 44 on the actual exam. He also completed the section 5 mins early! He managed to score 750.

Shaista: Absolutely incredible performance considering she had a slightly long drawn out journey. She struggled in all sections, but conquered the GMAT! Shaista focused on depth in process and scored a 760 with a Verbal 44!


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