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Acing GMAT with a 780/800! | Soham Sengupta GMAT 780

Soham Sengupta shares his journey toward achieving a GMAT score of 780. He discusses how he initially studied engineering and worked in the corporate world, but decided to pursue something different and prepare for the GMAT.

Soham took a self-paced class by Top One Percent and credits his success to our unique approach to teaching. He faced challenges with data sufficiency questions in Quantitative Ability and struggled with Verbal, but improved through dedication and focusing on identifying question traps. He also shares how videos by Sandeep Sir helped him gain confidence and find success in life.

Soham discusses the difficulties he faced with certain GMAT sections, such as the long passages and primary purpose questions in RC. Soham emphasizes that diligently following the advice of Sandeep Sir and writing down solutions to the first 250 questions helped improve his accuracy in SC, where he was previously struggling. He also discusses the impact of attending the Know World Sessions on his mental state, as he struggled with feeling out of place in a new city.

Soham also talks about his struggles with socializing and making connections in a new environment. He explains how he watched videos by Sandeep Sir that helped him gain confidence and find a framework for success. The videos provided a way of looking at the world and taught him how to benefit from incidents in the past. Soham credits the videos for helping him achieve success not just in GMAT but also in life.

Soham’s GMAT Tips - Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Tools like OCTAVE will improve performance in the Reading Comprehension section and writing down solutions will improve the accuracy in Sentence Correction.

  • Identifying question traps is important

  • Sometimes sitting and studying for longer hours helps you identify mistakes

Top One Percent is supremely proud of Soham's phenomenal GMAT score! Get started on your GMAT Prep with Top One Percent now!


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