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Why should you target a 99%ile GMAT score!

The GMAT is a test that is taken by large number of MBA candidates regularly. It is utilized to test a candidate's quantitative as well as verbal reasoning abilities. The GMAT score assumes a crucial part in a candidate's admission to a MBA program. Here we will look at the advantages of a 99th percentile GMAT score.

The average GMAT score is 564.84 as indicated by the published data from GMAC. A 650 GMAT score will put you at the 73rd percentile while a 670 GMAT score will procure you a 80th percentile positioning. This GMAT score range (650 to 670) is for the most part viewed as a decent beginning stage for a high GMAT score, that means if you are starting out without any preparation and you are getting 650-670 score on the GMAT, it is an above average starting point.

A 720 GMAT score will put you at the 94th percentile and close enough to the top MBA programs in the world. A 740 GMAT score (97th percentile) will put you over the normal GMAT score of all MBA programs.

What is a 99th percentile score on the GMAT? Is it even needed?

Scoring at the 99th percentile (760 GMAT score or more) may assist you with getting merit scholarships at the M7 and other premier business schools assuming you have an equally well-rounded application.

A 99th percentile GMAT score is considered a phenomenal GMAT score. As a rule, business schools search for a 99th percentile within a country or region, so the score is a decent mark of the candidate's capacity to succeed scholastically at a top business college.

When B-schools select candidates, they provide specific weightage to certain metrics. Some of the metrics being GMAT score, application essay, interview, resume, etc with GMAT score being an important criterion. If you have a 99th percentile GMAT score that is a score of 760 or above, then you face absolutely no challenge in terms of you getting considered by the top B-schools as far as your exam is concerned. The only hurdle that you have to cross, after that, is the application essay and interview without thinking about your score.

When you score 760 or higher on your GMAT exam, you get ahead of 990 out of every 1000 candidates who gave the exam. You can think of the probability of you getting seen so uniquely special in the huge pool of applicants that the admission committee of any college would interact with.

Look at what a 99%ile score can fetch you!

Let's crack it together!


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