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Why B-Schools want you to take a test?

The GMAT/GRE is a trusted way for candidates to exhibit their academic ability in the application. The tests have many benefits since it gives a chance of framing an educational foundation in business world. The primary reason for conducting tests is to judge the student's ability, sharpness, knowledge and so on. The aptitude of the student is tested in the test.

Apart from quantifying the ability of students, GMAT/GRE benefits the candidates in the following ways:

  • A high GMAT/GRE score (higher than the average in a particular school) can have a good weightage for scholarship opportunities.

  • A high score on GMAT/GRE can credibly make you stand out from other applicants. It becomes a differentiating factor that decides admission.

  • Admission committee prefers strong scores; it gives them an easy filter to choose. You can also make your past performance in graduation overlooked with a high GMAT/GRE score.

  • You can sharpen your skills while preparing for GMAT or the GRE. The GMAT enhances your critical thinking & analytical skills. While preparing for the GRE, you will be able to expand your vocabulary and reading skills.

  • A high GMAT/GRE score also helps in campus placements; it shows you have the ability to solve complex problems in limited time frame and are prepared for it. It also shows the commitment you showed that will help you in your job as well.

  • You will know your own aptitude and other soft skills such as perturbation, commitment, consistency, etc.

B schools are not searching for reasons to deny you; they are searching for reasons to admit you, isn't that so? B-schools want you to be in their college; they want a win-win, and when they have enough data for a bunch of candidates and if you are thoughtful in your application and being exceptionally smart about the story, the test score can be an important part or extremely supportive component of your story as you curate your application. Tests help admission committees of colleges to figure out the intellectual ability of the candidates and to correct their shortcomings. Thus it assists the candidates to perform and think as the manner in which things need to be approached and finished with excellence. It opens the entryways for better personality, improving abilities of mathematical reasoning, communication, logistics and expressive nature of the subject which will give the stage to improve on the capability and leverage the success. These tests are likewise a way for testing the pressure-handling and composure of the students as they need to step through the examination under massive strain. Hence, it is accepted that these tests assist students with getting ready for the extreme deterrents ahead by showing them the significance of remaining mentally collected in tough situations, being clear, and in particular, managing time productively. It's a chance for deserving candidates to show their academic qualities.

The main thing that candidates need to remember is that they should not underrate these tests, as they really can change lives, and yet, in the event that things don't go as planned the specific day of the test, they should not be discouraged and should remember that there are a many schools and tests they can give and even redo the same test after improving. One can't simply focus on tests, it is a part of a big picture.

Listen in to how GMAT changed the life of one of our students Vineetha Athrey!


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