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Top One Percent students @ INSEAD

INSEAD: one of the truly global B-Schools!

No school tops the level of multicultural environment and diversity that INSEAD provides year after year, period.

Established way back in 1957, the school has done tremendous amounts of research in business and management methodology and houses some of the brightest minds in the field; rightfully earning and retaining the tag of the best business school in Europe through the years; it is considered at par with the likes of the finest M7 such as Harvard Business School and The Wharton School.

In fact, out of the CEOs of the Fortune 500, 31% went for an MBA with the second highest number going to INSEAD alone, just after Harvard.

INSEAD has a large and diverse alumni network, with graduates spread across the world and making significant contributions to various industries. Here are some notable alumni who have graduated from INSEAD:

• Andrew Large, Former Deputy Governor, Bank of England

• Lucy Quist, managing director and Head of Change Leadership, Morgan Stanley

• Niels B. Christiansen, CEO, The Lego Group

• Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, Former Chairman and current non-executive chairman, L'Oreal

• Lord Simon of Highbury, Former Chairman and CEO, BP

• Börje Ekholm, CEO, Ericsson

• Barney Harford, COO, Uber

• Tidjane Thiam, CEO, Credit Suisse

Being in its classroom surrounded by people from all over the world with years of experience from all walks of life is truly a token of prestige and an experience of a kind.

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that hundreds of our students (over the years) have been to/ selected to / already graduated from INSEAD, becoming some of the finest business leaders globally. Take a look at 20 of the 109 success stories!

Target INSEAD with Top One Percent now!


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