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Stuck at a 500? Arpita Mittal GMAT 740

Arpita started her GMAT preparation with another company but couldn't see any results as she was constantly stuck in 500 level despite practicing so many questions.

She then joined us and in just 2 months she was able to re-appear for the test and got 200 points increment. This is exactly the reason why we emphasize on DEPTH. Students need to focus on getting their foundation strong and then go in depth to understand the concept. Just randomly practicing 5000 questions wont help you be more accurate, you are just going to end up repeating the error.

Arpita secured an admit from ISB and Pittsburg. She is going forward with ISB. She just couldn't stop thanking us for the score and admit to ISB.

Listen to her experience about how Sandeep sir's techniques helped her tremendously in improving her score. See email below about her experience with other institutes.

"Thank you so much again for preparing me for GMAT. Its only because of you I could score 740. I had tried various institutes before joining Top-One-Percent but was unable to score more than 600. You are a true leader and the best teacher!"

- Arpita Mittal


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