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GMAT Online Vs. At Test Centre

Online exams are now commonplace in education. The pandemic forced the entire world to change its way of learning and living. Many establishments, including educational institutions, were forced to close due to the nationwide lockdown. Lessons were transferred from physical classrooms to the virtual screen. Because of the pandemic, a new mass examination system for online exams was also implemented.

However, with test centers reopening in India and other parts of the world, you must decide whether to take the GMAT online or in person. This article discusses the benefits and drawbacks of taking the GMAT online versus the in-person exam.

In this article, we compare GMAT Online vs. In-Center Exam on various criteria and answer the critical question: Which GMAT Exam version is best for you?

Exam Structure of GMAT Online

According to the statements and analysis both the Exam's content and structure remain the same.

The GMAT in-person and online exams have the same quantity and variety of questions in each section, as well as the same time allotted to finish the exam. You have the same option to select the order of the exam.

Real Deal

The benefit of taking the GMAT test at home is not having to commute! Students who used to travel long distances to GMAT test locations in other states or cities can now unwind. All you have to do is locate the ideal location in your house. Also this helps nervous candidates to take the the exam from the comfort of their homes. No exam panic!


The use of a scratchpad is another difference. For the GMAT at home, you will have the option of using an online or physical whiteboard. You must purchase the Whiteboard if you are taking the GMAT at home. At the test center you will be provided with the scratch pad and marker.

Breaks during the exam

Both the in-center and online exams have two optional 8-minute breaks.

Retaking the GMAT

The at-home Exam now allows for one retake. The in-center test, on the other hand, can be retaken up to five times in any 12-month period.

What is the difference between the GMAT Online and In-Center Exam?

When it comes to online, you will need a good power supply, internet access, and a quiet location, but if you have no calm place, slow internet, and unusual power cuts, then In-center exams are the best choice for you. There is already resilience built into the system. However, make sure that the requirements are met.

About Registration, Rescheduling, and Cancellation Fees

The registration fee for the Online GMAT is $250, and the fee for the in-center GMAT exam is also $250.

Earlier you could send your GMAT Online scores to infinite number of schools, now you can share the scores up to 5 schools. You must send your score reports within 48 hours upon receipt of your official score. If you want to send your results to more than five schools, the In-center Exam charges an additional $35.

Effect on Exam Scores

There is no difference between the online and In-Center exams because the total score comes from the quantitative and verbal sections. However, some B-schools like ISB do not accept GMAT Online Test scores!

Section and total scores, as well as percentiles and score scales, are the same for both exams. Not only that, but Both have a five-year validity period!

Can someone cancel their score?

You are unable to cancel your online GMAT exam score. It is only relevant to the test center exam. Because the At-home Exam allows you to view the score before sending it to schools, the cancellation option is unnecessary. You can choose which school to attend based on your scores.

If you take the Exam at the center, you must first choose five schools before seeing your results. As a result, offering a cancellation option makes sense.

How can you take advantage of it?

Once you receive your official GMAT online score, you will have the flexibility to review it before deciding to share it with the schools. Also why wouldn't you like to give the exam in a familiar environment!


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