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How we power your Wharton Dream!

Wharton Business School has successfully dominated its way into The QS World University Ranking leaving behind some of the most prestigious contenders like Harvard Business School, Columbia, MIT Sloan, etc.

Wharton is US’s first business school and boasts of the biggest alumni network in the world. Wharton offers specilaizations in fields like Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Management, Marketing, Production / Operations, Real Estate, Supply Chain / Logistics.

Notable Wharton Alumni:

  • Elon Musk - CEO of Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla

  • Aditya Mittal - President and CFO of Mittal Steel Company

  • Anil Ambani - Chairman of Reliance Group

  • John Sculley - Ex-Vice-president & President of PepsiCo, Ex-CEO of Apple

  • Donald Trump - American Politician

  • Sundar Picchai - Chief Executive Officer of Google

  • Peter Lynch - American investor & Author

  • Warren Buffet - Chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway

  • Phil Murphy - Governor of New Jersey

  • Kunal Bahl - Founder of Snapdeal

  • Kenneth L. Wolfe - Chairman and CEO of Hershey Company

  • Herbert D. Strauss - CEO and Chairman of Grey Advertising Agency

  • Edmund T. Pratt Jr - CEO and Chairman of Pfizer

Top One Percent has enabled numerous students to achieve their dream Wharton admit! Take a look-

Vandita Kamath was struggling to score above 690 on the GMAT. She joined Top One Percent, and within 25 days, she secured a GMAT 770 and got an admit from Wharton in Round 3 with a significant scholarship!

Harjas Gulati was struggling to get a high GMAT score before he joined Top One Percent. He got a phenomenal 750 on the GMAT & secured a Wharton admit with $100000 Scholarship!

In 2022, Top One Percent helped secure Wharton admits for three of its students:

Kritika (GMAT 770), Monica Rekhan (GMAT 760) & Shoaib Kohli (GMAT 740)!

Do you want to be the next name on this list? Imagine sitting in a Wharton class studying your dream course with a dream cohort.

Take your first step towards securing this coveted admit by prepping for your MBA with Top One Percent!


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