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How to secure a sky-high V48 on the GMAT?: Rajat Garg GMAT 770

It’s no surprise that scoring a 99th percentile is a huge achievement and a quite formidable task to take up and forget the applicants, most times even the GMAT coaches fail to fetch one. But Rajat Garg, a student of Top One Percent, scored a whopping, an absolutely phenomenal V48 on his GMAT exam. How did he do so? He began with the same problems that every other student faces. - managing the huge amount of pre-work with his day job - retaining the content that was being taught in the classes - couldn’t figure out the right approach in the first entire month of the classes

Things changed after he booked his test and began preparing seriously. He continually started to dedicate 3-4 hours every-day to the prescribed work and then did even more questions just to sharpen his application of techniques.

He shares specific tips from his own experience of securing a V48 for verbal:

1. For sentence correction, he did all the prescribed material from the course in extreme depth and to get his concepts up and running for the exam, did all the questions there were in the material. He had major issues in SC during his prep time. 2. He started maintaining an error log wherein he put the screenshots of all the questions he got wrong during practice. Later, he used to see which option was correct, why the others were wrong and remember his mistakes to avoid in further practice. 3. He says for Reading Comprehension, OCTAVE did the deed for him. Using OCTAVE in extreme depth gave him the accuracy he required. 4. He gives a special mention to the Awareness videos and the KTW videos for his preparation of RC and in GMAT as well.

5. For Critical Reasoning, he gives a special advice for the assumption questions considering they are considered slightly difficult. He advises that while doing CR, it’s critical to un-state and then negate the questions in addition each and every choice should be compared in order of the context since there are extremely small differences sometimes in the options mentioned.

He also shared what he did for his quant preparation that gave him a Q49:

1. First, foremost, and the most important thing is to complete the entire study material. 2. Second, he says, is to separately mark a list of topics that seem the most challenging initially so they can be revisited time and again as needed until you see improvement. 3. Third, and the most pragmatic, is to do a mixed bag of questions to get comfortable with uncertainty.

Following all these ideas gave him one of the finest and most tough-to-earn scores possible in verbal and a fantastic cumulative GMAT score of 770.

He gives one other advice for all those who are still in their preparation which is not to lose hope and to keep up the consistency of the preparation and following a consistent study pattern everyday will give you enough confidence and stamina to face the GMAT exam in due time.

Watch his video to get a detailed overview of his prep strategy!

Best of luck!


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