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How to reschedule/cancel your GMAT?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, test takers may be required to reschedule or cancel their GMAT exam dates. GMAC allows GMAT rescheduling or cancellation at an additional cost.

To change their GMAT schedule, candidates must log into their official GMAC account, select the GMAT exam date that needs to be rescheduled, choose from available dates, and pay the GMAT to reschedule the fee.

How to Reschedule the GMAT exam?

Candidates must follow seven simple steps to change the GMAT test schedule. The GMAT rescheduling process is very similar to the GMAT registration process. Because the official account has already been created, the time required will be significantly reduced. The following are the steps for rescheduling your GMAT:

1. Access your account (

To begin, sign in to your account. Before logging in, keep your username and password handy.

2. Select the option you wish to reschedule

After logging in, candidates should go to the 'My Account' section, followed by the 'Exams' section. They will then be given their already scheduled GMAT test date and GMAT test center. They will also notice two green options: Reschedule and Cancel. Then, select the GMAT rescheduling option.

3. Choose a new GMAT exam date

Candidates must select from available dates and centers after clicking on GMAT Reschedule. If the test-taker wishes to change the GMAT test center, they can

select the 'Change test center' option on the bottom left. They can choose a new GMAT exam date and time if they want to keep the exact testing location. The new date is entirely dependent on the availability of GMAT exam dates.

4. Recheck the new GMAT appointment

Once you have chosen a new GMAT appointment, the website will ask you to confirm that the new date and time you have chosen are correct. If the new date and time appear correct, click the 'Complete Reschedule' button.

5. Review Personal Information:

In this step of the GMAT reschedule, test-takers need to check if the personal information provided is correct or not. They will click on the ‘next’ button if the information is correct.

6. Agreeing to GMAC’s policies

This step will ask the candidate if they agree with GMAC's three central policies -

● A GMAT rescheduling fee will be charged to the candidate.

● For security purposes, the candidate must provide their biometrics - a photograph and a palm vein scan.

● The candidate must provide an acceptable ID, or they will be unable to take the exam.

7. Paying GMAT Reschedule Fee

There are three types of GMAT reschedule fees:

1. If the GMAT schedule is changed 60 days before the scheduled date, the fee is $50.

2. If the GMAT schedule is changed 15 to 60 days before the scheduled date, the fee is $100.

3. If the GMAT schedule is changed 1 to 14 days before the scheduled date, the fee is $150.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have paid the GMAT reschedule the fee. This email will include your new GMAT appointment date and time, identification requirements, contact information, and directions to the test center.

How to Cancel GMAT Exam?

1. Official account access

First, sign in to the official account.

2. Choose the GMAT Exam Section

Navigate to the 'My Account' section, then the 'Exams' section. You will see the scheduled GMAT date and center there. There are two options beside it: Reschedule and Cancel. Choose the 'Cancel' option.

3. Pay GMAT cancellation fee

GMAC has changed the payment method to a three-tier system. The revised GMAC payment method is as follows:

1. $150 (refund of $100) - At least 60 days before the appointment

2. $175 (refund of $75) - 15 to 60 days before the scheduled appointment

3. $200 (refund of $50) - One to fourteen days before the appointment


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