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GMAT 760 in just 2 months!: MAnasi Kohli GMAT 760

Manasi Kohli discusses how she was able to achieve a commendable GMAT score of 760 within just two months of preparation. She shares that her weaker section was Quant, particularly with data sufficiency questions, and her weaker concepts were numbers, divisibility, inequalities, and modulus. To overcome these weaknesses, she thoroughly went through the class content and extra questions, and specifically focused on the sectional tests for Quant and SC from the top portal. She also took a break of two months and studied about four to five hours a day in the first month and three to four hours a day afterwards.

She took mock exams and practice questions, and despite unpredictable scores during the tests, her scores on her GMAT exams were predictable and aggregated to a 760. Overall, her biggest challenge was with SC and timing issues on some of her practice tests, but she was still able to achieve her desired score.

Manasi also discusses her experience taking the exam. She notes that there were no unexpected questions on the test, which made her feel confident as she had practiced many types of questions beforehand. Additionally, she had to put in a lot of practice for the reading comprehension section, while she did not practice as much for the critical reasoning section.

Kohli recommends trusting the process and materials provided by the test prep organization, avoiding overwhelm with outside materials, not skipping mock tests, and becoming familiar with the testing environment to prepare for the exam.

Manasi advises aspirants to be familiar with the GMAT format by going through the tutorial and taking mock exams.

Top One Percent wishes her all the best for her applications!


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