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Getting a fantastic 332 on the GRE in just 45 days!: Lakshmikar GRE 332

Having been out of touch with academics for over 4 years, Lakshmikar had a lot of problems in his preparation initially. He even got a custom study plan created but couldn’t follow it with consistency which got him feeling down.

But in just 45 days, he managed to end up with 332 on his GRE exam and will now be applying to the best schools.

What did he do to earn a score so high in such little time?

Lakshmikar shared that he was in a slump and the thing that got him out of it were the KTW videos. It changed him, motivated him and prompted him to study again.

As he couldn’t focus well, he took 24 days of leave and just prepared with concentration.

He identified his problem area which was quant. He considered that as a business analyst he’ll be good at math only to be surprised to see 29% accuracy in quant in the first mock he gave.

To improve, he started from the absolute basics from which he was able to relearn the concepts and apply them well. He started seeing his accuracy improve with using the techniques.

In verbal: 1. For RC, he followed OCTAVE blindly. In fact he said that specifically verification and elimination is what he owes his RC score to.

2. For vocab, he focused on the available materials that vastly helped him improve his accuracy.

One advice he gives to other GRE students is to come with an open mind during the preparation and applying the techniques well is absolutely critical.

You can have a sky-high score too that leads you to the best schools. Just start!

Best of luck!


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