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From not being comfortable in English to conquering the GMAT Verbal Section!: Simratpal GMAT 750

How baffling it is to know that someone who’s usually not comfortable in the English language even while generally talking can in any way end up scoring a 99th percentile score?

Well, Simratpal Singh, a student of Top One Percent, did just that! An officer for the Government of Punjab earned himself a V45 and a cumulative total of 750 on his GMAT exam. While sharing his exam experience, he said that he wasn’t comfortable with either English or Hindi, yet scored more than most people do. How’s that?

Just one thing: hard work.

All this time in preparation, he had some or the other issues, be it personal or professional, consistently bother his flow. He had to revamp everyday.

After having been off of studies and being confined in his work for the entire day like most others as well, he used to sit for 7-8 hours of consistent studies and gave even more time on the weekend. He sat every day after work till 2 in the morning.

He majorly gave the reason of his score to consistency of his preparation and the techniques he got to study with.

Apart from that, he shared a few pointers:

1. For Reading Comprehension, he did more than 150 passages just to understand how to apply OCTAVE, Sandeep’s signature RC formula, perfectly. 2. He had the most trouble in Sentence Correction since the language itself was so alien to him. He watched all the videos multiple times and did a huge amount of questions to clear the gaps. 3. One key thing he said he followed from Day 1 was not to dwell endlessly and continuously question why one option is right and why another one is wrong. 4. He had issues with Quant so he specifically says to devote ample amount of time to it, get the foundations extremely clear and to finally pay due attention to pacing while attempting questions.

He shares that while he could’ve scored better, he’s proud of what he ended up with all things considered and said that we should also just focus on putting our best foot forward, rest everything follows.

One advice he gives to other is to not be overconfident at any stage of the preparation as it can be absolutely disastrous and if you do indeed put in the hours, you’ll get the score.

Best of luck!


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