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From 9%ile to 99%ile: Vinod A. GMAT 770

He had massive focus issues - MASSIVE ... couldn't concentrate even for 5 minutes without getting distracted. This guy got the lowest branch (civil) in his engineering (generally seats go unfilled in civil). Also, he didn't get any placement at all. But he had one thing going for him: ambition). He tried to pick up his GMAT materials dozens of times, but because of his focus issues, he couldn't concentrate at all (and had to stop his GMAT preparation at least 50 times). After finishing the course, he started doing what I asked him to do to resolve his focus issues. Finally, he started studying on Jan 1st, 2021. With just 3 months of dedicated effort, he could crack a 770 (Q51, V42) on 3rd April 2021.

Meet Vinod Bouncer, the student who has made me the most proud in 25 years.

I can tell you one thing: if this guy can crack a 770, ANYONE on the planet can. ANYONE!

No matter who you are, you are better off than who Vinod was.

Don't forget: He went from 9 percentile to 99 percentile and from 2 percentile in Verbal to 99th percentile overall. His initial Quant accuracy was 0%. This kind of success CAN happen. All you need is this level of ambition, grit, and effort.

Vinod's breakthrough was to focus for long hours without getting distracted. Eventually, he could concentrate for 12 hours nonstop, every single day. The story of Vinod who went from a score of 400 to 770 (from 9 percentile to 99th percentile), from 0% in Math to Q51 (the highest score in Quant), and from a Verbal score of 9 (2 percentile) to V42 is extremely inspiring. His struggle and success with a GMAT 770 will make you learn to be determined towards any goal you set your foot on.

This story is special not because Vinod got a 770 (frankly speaking, 770 is a norm at Top-One-Percent - in 2021 itself, we have had 23 scores of 770), but because this story proves that, no matter what your level, no matter where you start, you can get a 99th percentile score. This kind of success CAN happen for EVERY student ... CAN definitely happen for YOU.

All you need is this level of ambition, grit, and effort. I can't even begin to tell you how many hardships Vinod had to undergo during his preparation phase, how many struggles he had to face in his life during this period, how much he struggled with the GMAT, how big his focus issues were, what a superhuman effort he put in to turn the tables on the GMAT, how many times he thought of quitting his preparation, and how many times he realigned himself with the singular goal and mission of a 760, the 99th percentile score. I was moved to tears when I heard his story. If you actually hear his complete story, I am sure you won't be able to stop a few tears. You will start believing that you can move a mountain.

It is the most inspirational story I have ever come across in 25 years. If you put even one tenth the effort Vinod put in, I am sure you can get a 770 with my guidance. Take a bow, Vinod ... I salute you!

~Sandeep Gupta


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