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Cracking the Harvard Code! By Sandeep Gupta

On December 30th, 2021 a student named Amit Kumar from a village in Bihar - Munger - reported that he scored 770 with V45 (pure Hindi medium background) on the GMAT. I can't even begin to tell you what it means to a teacher when he comes to know what impact his course can have, provided his students are sincere enough to imbibe all the instruction from him!

The student didn't even know how to take a screenshot from his phone / PC. He even said, "I am scared to talk to you because I am a simple village boy."

I BEG YOU: Please watch the video shared above and crack the exam out and out in 2022!

If you are sincere, I can help even students like Amit Kumar score 770. On the other hand, so many of you, who are wayyy better than Amit to start with, will end up not even in the 600s.

The Difference: SINCERITY.

Watch the seminar below:


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