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4 WEEKS TO GMAT 770!: Kriti Pachauri

Can you change your life in just 4 weeks? 4 weeks to GMAT 770!

What possibly can you achieve in a span of 4 weeks?

Honestly tell me, what have you achieved in the recent past which has the potential to change your life so drastically for the GOOD!? Most people may feel that nothing life transformative can happen in a couple of weeks; however, Kriti Pachuari would disagree. For Kriti her entire life unfolded by scoring a 770 and hence securing a fully funded PhD program in her desired university in the USA.

Unhappy with her previous mock score of 620, Kriti, a busy professional with a demanding 12 hour per day job approached Top-One-Percent for guidance. Kriti enrolled for the course and adapted to the much thoughtfully created study plan and unfailing test taking strategies.

Even after being laid up with COVID during her preparation (rather she saw the opportunity and made it her biggest strength) she studied hard and got the GMAT score in just a few weeks from the enrollment date!

"Although I had complete support of Sandeep sir and the mentors, I restricted myself. If I keep taking support for doubts I will just simply stop using my brain. If I couldn't get a question correct, rather than immediately looking at the solution I would spend 10-15 mins looking at all possible ways to solve it. I kept improving an answer by going back to sir's video. He always teaches the quickest and the most logical way to solve!"

- Kriti Pachauri

The flexibility of the self paced program allowed Kriti to create a rigorous study plan, and in a short time she achieved her best GMAT score ever- 770/800.

Tune into Kriti Pachauri's story shared with us when she joined in for Zoom live session and see how this all came together!


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