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1-Year MBA v. 2-Year MBA: Which is best for you?

In the present situations, getting an MBA degree has become vital, particularly for someone who wish to seek a career in management. An MBA degree won't just give you an edge over other candidates, it will also furnish you with a potential chance to secure the expected abilities and qualifications to turn into a fruitful business pioneer over the long haul.

The usual MBA Course goes on for around two years. This is the most widely recognized length for an MBA Course. The count of business colleges offering a 2-year MBA Course is limited. Some business colleges also offer a 1-year MBA Course. So, which one would it be advisable for you to take? What are the differences between them? Which one is better for your development?

Many individuals have posed these inquiries to us. We want to give you the ideal data to go with the choice that is appropriate for you. In this blog, you will get the distinctions between a 2-year MBA and a 1-year MBA.

Both are certainly great and will do in the right hands, right environment and right individuals. See for yourself, which suites best:


1-Year MBA

2-Year MBA


Limited. Less time to meet other people, also because of rigorous academics.

Greater networking opportunities. You also get to mentor the first years when you are in your second year. You get to know the environment better and can utilize the life outside college as well.

Exploring Paths

You may not get much time to explore before the main recruitment.

There is more time to explore elective courses. You can do extra-curricular activities and internships to try different things.

Work Experience

In usual cases, you need 2-5 years of work experience.

Usually, you need 2-4 years of work experience.


Main and the most obvious benefit is that you get to become an MBA in just one year. You can quickly go and quickly come back, so to say!

You get a more deep and thorough understanding of the business concepts and perspectives from the onset. Anyways, you do an MBA only once, usually.

Placements & Opportunities

You get ample placement and job opportunities in your area of specialization. Here, comparing the amount of salary you would get doesn’t make much sense.

You will get ample placement or job opportunities in your area of specialization. Here, comparing the amount of salary you would get doesn’t make much sense.


Cost effective and faster chance of covering your cost from your post MBA opportunities.

More expensive compared to 1-year MBA but also gives value in terms of learning and quality approaches. Most prestigious business schools prefer this format.

While you're attempting to settle on one of the two options for an MBA program, you ought to consider that you will get complete education you want in both.

Both are intended to assist you become a better business executive, and they ought to be extraordinary moves if you're keen on getting ahead into the business world. If you are thinking about a one-year MBA program, you ought to realize that you can probably finish it in just one year. This really intends that on the off chance that you are occupied with different commitments, for example, family or your current job, you can earn your MBA degree and continue with your own usual life.

What you truly need to do is find a MBA program that is an ideal choice for you – whether you choose on the basis of location, price tag, or length.


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